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How to Find Your Perfect Home

Our Knowledge & Experience

The investment you put in a home doesn’t end at the purchase. With that said, your purchase is the most important part of your investment. Knowing the value of the home you may want to buy and what that home may need is important to know before you sign that offer. The Ortner & George Group is an experienced group that understands homes, the marketplace and our clients. We take the time to listen to what our clients want. You won’t find us spending our money on Zillow leads and exhausting our time answering calls all day long from random buyers inquiring about random homes. Buying a home is a huge investment that is not easy or cheap to get out of. We know you deserve more than an agent that is just there to unlock a door and fill in the blanks on a contract. There is much more that goes into your buying decision. Don’t take a random chance when choosing who will be by your side through the process. Know and sleep well at night knowing you have Ortner & George in your corner.


The ultimate buzz word! It’s not a buzz word to us. It’s part of our culture. We understand our clients may not buy and sell houses everyday and all or some aspects of the process may be unfamiliar and invoke questions and stress. That’s why we pick-up the phone and answer the text. We do this everyday and we love it! With that said, it doesn’t give us the right to assume our clients know what lies ahead. 


Lets you search through the current inventory of homes and those homes that are not yet on the market. You will be able to compare multiple properties—their size, neighborhood, amenities—within a visual workspace. Monitor market activity in real time, stay in constant contact with your agent, and invite collaborators to join in on the discussion. It’s kind of like commenting on a FB or Instagram post where the posts are the houses. It’s the perfect way to collaborate during your search with ease from your laptop, PC, tablet or phone. It’s great!

Coming Soon

What buyer isn't looking for an edge over the competition? Browse unique properties that are only viewable on with your agent and discover your future home before it hits the market.

Our Search

We have the contacts and the pulse of the market. We are always looking for you and introduce you to potential good fits. 

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