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The OG's have been absolutely amazing for, with, and too my family and I! Brian and Cathy were extremely professional, punctual, great with following up, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to, super understanding and never pushy. They care, and you can tell in the way they are always considerate of you during the process. We couldn't have asked for anything better from start to finish. We listed and sold in 3 days, $15,000 above our asking price. Brian truly helped me heal a little personally. For the first time in my life I was able to let go of control and allow someone else to have my best interests in our business dealings. Your expertise and delivery were always on point, thank you so much. If you need anything, call the OGs

The OG group was the best decision we made during the selling and buying process. Brian and Cathy are total pros that had our absolute interest in mind. We sold our home back in March and closed in January. I think people underestimate the need for experts to guide in the selling and buying processes. Brian and Cathy know the ins and outs of the business- it is beyond helpful to have answers and concerns addressed with thoughtful solutions. They truly care and guided us to find our dream home. Always available and listened to every concern to make the process enjoyable every step of the way. The main factor is that the OG group leads with integrity they gained our trust and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Cathy and Brian are amazing, caring, highly professional, and supportive realtors. We had a lot of work to do getting the family house ready for sale when my mom was finally ready to move out. They supported us every step of the way, finding local contractors to make repairs, cleaners and landscapers to the place looking fantastic, and even a local auctioneer who came and sold or donated everything we weren't keeping.
I never would have been able to manage this sale without them. As soon as we signed to contract - they got to work. I felt I had true partners. They clearly loved the house as much as I did and understood what a gem it was - in need of tlc but a true gem. They worked hard to find the right buyer and get a price that worked for us. I strongly recommend them, they are warm, caring, professionals who will get your house sold. 

Working with Cathy Ortner and Brian George was a real pleasure. Selling the house that we had lived in for 40 years could have been stressful and traumatic, but Cathy and Brian were super-supportive and made the entire experience as stress-free as we could wish for. From prepping our house, to showings, to evaluating multiple offers, everything went smoothly. Their guidance was invaluable, and if we ever need to sell or buy again, they would be our first call. All in all, they were just a real pleasure to work with.

Cathy Ortner is the best real estate agent I've ever worked with by a considerable margin. She went above and beyond to help us prepare the home for the sale process and managed every aspect of the sale expertly. We were thrilled with the experience.

Brian George exceeded our expectations in a realtor. This was our first time selling a house and he coached us through each step. His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off. Our listing looked amazing and we sold our home quickly. We recommend Brian to everyone we know. He is a true professional and a genuinely nice guy. You would be hard pressed to find a better realtor.

Brian and Cathy of Ortner & George group were remarkably patient, friendly, and kind throughout the process of both selling our house and buying another. Their honesty, sense of humor, and knowledge of the market was exceptional. Selling and buying a home can be an incredibly stressful experience; we really appreciated how both Cathy and Brian helped us remain calm, and evaluate our choices. Cathy and Brian helped us navigate both selling our home and buying another (and the difficult, frustrating months in between!) with clarity, confidence and grace. For that, we are truly grateful.
We’d recommend Brian and Cathy of Ortner & George group to anyone looking to have a wonderful home buying or selling experience!

Great job. Moving out of a home I’d been in for 26 years combined with downsizing to 25% created a logistical nightmare. Cathy and Brian guided me through the process smoothly. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Brian did a great job in helping us prepare for the sale of our home. He made recommendations on things that we should consider doing to the home, including the staging. His advice proved to be perfect! Our home was sold in 5 days!! Not only is Brian the ultimate professional, he is also a great guy to work with. My husband and I would highly recommend Brian for any real estate transaction.

Brian made selling our home an easy and profitable experience. He took what could have been a stressful event in our lives and made it simple. After having our home on the market for only a few days we were able to get asking price in a buyers market. Brian was in constant communication with us, and always explained every step of the process so that we knew just what to expect. When the negotiations started after finding a buyer, Brian made sure that our interests were priority. Brain George has my full confidence, and I will absolutely use him again in the future to buy and sell property.

Cathy Ortner was the absolute dream realtor. She was attentive, listened to our needs, was receptive to feedback, and made the experience exciting and fun. This was our first ever home purchase, and I can truly say that Cathy added so much to the experience for us, and found us our absolute dream home. I would recommend her to ANYONE!

I can honestly say that I might not have survived me recent home purchase and home sale without Cathy Ortner's expert help and moral support. She went above and beyond when problems arose (as they often do) and made sure that MY interests were always protected and addressed. She is a staunch ally to have by your side in the home selling and buying market! Hands down she rules the North Wilmington market. Don't even try to compare. You will be leaving money on the table and potentially create unnecessary stress in your life!

Although I had my own agent, I had let my son choose a listing agent for the condo he was living in. He chose Cathy after reviewing and interviewing 4 candidates. I was so glad that he did because Cathy was excellent personally as well as professionally. She was very responsive, courteous and highly knowledgeable in her profession. We were especially grateful to her for all the arrangements she made in staging the condo for the sale after my son moved out and for all the help she provided for us in correcting all the issues that arose from the home inspection. We enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking a realtor because we are confident that he/she will be as happy as we are.

Thank You Brian George for being a great Realtor and pal. They say don't mix business and friends, but that's not true, especially with Brian. He made the sale of my home easy with his connections to solve my home inspection report issues and ability to get my asking price after negotiation. I'm truly impressed with Brian's abilities as a Realtor, he helped me purchase the same home 11 years ago. Best transaction I ever made. I don't recommend many people on Facebook like this but if you don't use Brian for your realtor needs in Delaware, you are costing yourself money and headaches. He is that good. Thank You Brian!

Cathy did a phenomenal job helping getting my house prepared to sell. She gave great guidance and recommendations. I recommend her to anyone who is thinking about selling or buying.

We had a great experience selling our home with Brian and the Ortner & George group, couldn't ask for more. Brian took the time to answer all of my questions so that I understood all my options throughout the entire process. They were extremely professional and prepared every step of the way. The entire process went super smooth and we had no doubt we were in good hands. Brian is an absolute pro and I would highly recommend the Ortner George group to anyone looking to buy or sell.

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