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Ortner & George Shred Event

When: Saturday May 4th, 2024

9AM to 12PM *or when truck is full

Where: Silverside Church

2800 Silverside Rd  Wilmington, DE 19810

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Event guests do not need to remove stables, paperclips, bull clips, nor paper fasteners from their confidential materials – all of these can be shredded by the truck’s shredder.

  • Binders should not be included within the materials to be shredded.

  • X-rays, media and hard drives should not be included.

  • Material considered toxic, dangerous or regulated under any Federal or State law should not be included.

  • Guests do not need to bring their confidential materials in boxes – these can be brought in plastic bags as well. The boxes and plastic bags will be returned to event guests.

Piles of Paper
Ortner & George Group - OG Black Only.png

BENEFITS of Using the PROSHRED® Service

  • Records are permanently destroyed before guests leave the shredding event.

  • Full compliance with legislative chain-of-custody requirements (i.e, FACTA, GLB, Patriots Act, etc).

  • Documents are never outside of the owners’ control, yet they are still being recycled.

  • High degree of security – unmatched in the industry.

  • 100% of the shredded material will be recycled (One ton of recycled paper saves 17 mature trees).

Additional Event Information

How much can the truck hold? The truck will hold up to 9,000 pounds of material. This is approximately 330 boxes of material. If the truck reaches 9,000 of material before the scheduled end of the event, the event will end early.


PROSHRED® provides onsite document destruction, which is the most secure way to dispose of confidential materials. Document destruction will be completed at the location using state-of-the art shredding equipment housed in a mobile shredding truck. The truck shredder can shred up to 5,500 pounds of paper per hour to a fine cross-shred size. Our Customer Service Professional will empty the contents of the guests’ boxes of confidential material into a secure 96 gallon wheeled cart, the cart will be mechanically lifted to the shredder and the cart’s contents of confidential material will be securely destroyed. The guests are welcome to watch on the truck’s closed circuit TV screen as their documents are destroyed. The Customer Service Professional will then transport the shredded paper contained in the back of the truck to a recycling facility in Southern New Jersey, where it will be baled and directed to a mill to be pulped. Our Customer Service Professionals wear uniforms and photo IDs. They are criminal back-ground checked, drug tested, certified, and highly trained.​

*If there is a long line, event guests will be restricted to having up to five boxes of material shredded. This allows everyone to shred and avoid disappointment. If this is the case and you have more than five boxes, feel free to return once the line subsides.

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